Blirix’s Workshop Automat

18+ Only. Play Responsibly.

A-ha! You must be the new apprentice sent to me by the Iron Dog’s Magic Guild hmmm? Well don’t just stand there! Hand me that vial on the table… No-no-no the red one! The red one shaped like a heart! Yeeees, very good. You see, I’m in the middle of an experiment to create some very powerful potions – very powerful potions indeed. I’ve already made a number of attempts to see if I can multiply the amount of gold that I throw into that cauldron over there. The only problem is you have to get the mix of potions absolutely right! You can throw in between 0.2 and 50 gold pieces, sometimes it works extremely well with rather high volatility. But other times, I’ve had some… Strange results. The kind of strange results where a large flower with a head on it grows out of the cauldron and expands on the reel and acts as an expanding wild! What? Don’t look at me like I’m insane! I’m Blirix! And this is my workshop! GOOD GRACIOUS be careful with that book! Give it here. This Magic book has a number ofls in it. Some will multiply wins on non special symbols, others will make wilds appear out of thin air, others can even transform random symbols into duplicate symbols to get the Mega Wins! But most importantly, if you can help me find between 3 and 5 of my special scatter symbols I’ve lost somewhere here in this workshop, I can throw those into the cauldron and you can have upto 15 Free Spins! And of course if I have this book of mine handy I can even add more and more spells to the mix so you can win upto x7000 times your stake!! So what do you say? Want to take these potions and spells for spi